Back To School 2018 Supply Haul


Hello! Here is my Back To School 2018 Supply Haul. I always find it really exciting to go back to school shopping. It’s a lot more fun than actually going to school…

Please note that I am not trying to brag or endorse certain products. This is just for fun!

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Multiple notebooks are needed for multiple classes with multiple requirements to pass. To pass those multiple classes, you need multiple pages of notes with multiple formulas and vocabulary terms to pass multiple pop quizzes and tests.

I dare you to try to say that out loud. *Harder than it looks*


I genuinely don’t know what I would do without lined paper!



Binders come in handy for storing…lined paper. (Which we use a lot, as I previously mentioned). The mint green one is 1½ inches thick and the pink is 1 inch thick. I will be using the mint green one as my main binder. The pink one is for English.


And more pencil cases! *Can’t get enough of those*

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Thank you for reading this post! What school supplies have you purchased yet? What’s your favorite school supply from my list? *Takes deep breath* Do you like binders more or file-folders? (The never-ending debate).

Keep On Booking,

-Katie K


10 thoughts on “Back To School 2018 Supply Haul

  1. I prefer folders to binders haha. I find that binders always get a bit heavy and it’s annoying having to lug them around. I haven’t actually bought any school supplies yet because I still have another month or two until college starts but I’ll probably be buying a lot of the things you mentioned in your post. I definitely need some notebooks at minimum but I already have a lot of other stationary that I bought earlier this year.

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    1. Yes, I do agree. Binders can get a little bit heavy sometimes! Haha you’re so lucky school starts really early for me. We begin in August 🙄☹️ That means summer is almost over!
      Isn’t it fun buying stationary? Back to School is my only reason to buy little extras like that. *I need to control myself*
      Thanks for commenting!
      Katie K🌸

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  2. Ah I love reading back to school supply haul posts! I’m actually about to write one myself. Hehe I am 100% in agreement that getting school supplies is way more fun that actual school 😂 As far as binders and folders, I use an accordion folder, which is kinda like a combination of the two. It’s nice because I find folders too flimsy and it’s heavy to carry binders around—at my old school we had to have five different binders and it was torture.

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    1. School sounds so exciting and fun when I was reading my first draft of this post…but then you realize that Back to School means actually doing work…😂
      As for binders and folders and accordion folders, I think it’s simply based on personal preference and not school supply superiority!

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